Do you want to build a more inclusive community, learn how to build capacity or resiliency through trauma informed practices, build an intentional space that is diverse, affirming and inclusive of all identities?
Apphia uses an empowerment model of education that centers participants in her workshops. Get in touch for tailor made workshops best suited to your needs.

Speaking Engagements

An internationally recognized activist, Apphia has been a keynote speaker, storyteller and community leader on multiple occasions. For 12+ years she has been representing Bisexual+ communities and South Asian Queer Communities, championing youth leadership and empowering survivors.
Bring her to speak & empower your campus or organization, today!

Youth Educator

Building youth power is the way to a better future. In specially tailored workshops that center youth voices, Apphia believes that giving young people the tools to protect and empower themselves in a sustainable way with vulnerability, courage, and honesty is imperative and necessary.
Youth power is a prerequisite for a future that exists - the time is now.

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Building safe spaces for Bi+ Communities

Are you a community organizer, steering committee member, solitary activist, community member who wants to build a community that is safe for non-monosexual identities? This workshop is built to meet you where you’re at, and help you become more intentional about the spaces you hold in a way that affirms all members of your communities.

Youth Empowerment Project

A social and gender justice educator by day, Apphia used to be the Youth Education Coordinator at the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence. In addition to taking Teen Dating Abuse workshops to schools across Boston, Apphia also ran the Youth Empowerment Project which is a 6 week long summer program, supported by the City of Boston (USA). She is currently seeking similar opportunities to work with youth in Sydney, Australia.