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Apphia K. (they/she) is a storyteller, community organizer, speaker, teacher and activist. Based in Sydney, Australia - she is a South Asian bisexual asylee and educator specializing in cultural equity and responsiveness across race, sexual orientation and gender identities. She offers and facilitates interactive workshops that empowers individuals and emerging leaders to engage in valuable learning experiences of being able to hold diversity, equity, sexualities, and gender identities, healing and surviving abuse and resilience in the same breath.

A warrior, survivor and the voice in the room, always reminding it to be affirming and inclusive, Apphia aims to empower a generation for change. She is the first bisexual asylee on record to receive affirmative asylum and is committed to disrupting the stigma that comes with bisexual identities.
In the work she does, Apphia intentionally plots to decolonize your mind in a way that is healthy, safe, affirming, kind and beautiful.

If you're looking for a speaker that your audience can relate to, to understand key concepts around gender identities, sexualities, recognizing abuse (for all ages) - you've come to the right place. Consider bringing Apphia to your campus or organization.


Living the Bi+ Life

This workshop gets down into the details of what it means to identify as bisexual, pansexual, non-monosexual, polysexual... etc *with an intersectional lens*.
We take a look at some interesting bi+ history, our wide plethora of labels, and delve into identifying issues that are unique to the bisexual+ communities and are introduces to effective ways of advocated for ourselves (and ways that allies may advocate for us.)
This workshop also includes the fun and empowering activity of creating your own bi+ manifesto.

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Beyond Binaries

Let's take a look at what it really looks like, to live a full life beyond binaries. Join in on an introspective journey, and ask the tough questions. This program will challenge your perception of binaries and expand your understanding of labels. Beyond Binaries is a research-based, interactive workshop that immerses participants in the landscape of sexualities and human experience, with an intersectional lens.

For more details on what this workshop entails, please send out a quick email, through our contact page.

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Creating Diverse & Affirming Spaces

Do you think your campus or organization could do better by their LGBTQI+ members? Need help to identify and understand issues faced by bisexual, transgender, gay, lesbian, intersex, queer and asexual people? This workshop does just that. From understanding labels to building inclusive polices and safer spaces, you'll get everything you need from this workshop.

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