Power, Privilege & Empowerment

Step One to change is talking about power. This workshop takes a look at how we experience power and privilege, from within and in the world we live in. Based on an empowerment model, it aims to help participants to recognize their own power and potential for greatness – even if you don’t believe it’s all there.

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Beyond Binaries

Originally created by renowned bisexual activist Robyn Ochs, Beyond Binaries is an interactive workshop that immerses participants in the landscape of sexualities.

Become a part of valuable data and ask the tough questions. This program will challenge your perception of binaries and expand your understanding of labels.

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Recognizing Abuse in LGBTQ+ Communities

These series of workshops cover the everything you need to know about abuse in LGBTQ+ communities. We will look at (what are) LGBTQ+ identities and attempt to recognize and understand phobias & - isms that impact the dynamics of power and control in LGBTQ+ abuse.
This program aims to equip providers with best practices while working with LGBTQ+ survivors.

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The Official Line

Apphia K. (they/she) is a storyteller, community organizer, speaker, teacher and activist. Based in Sydney, Australia - she is a South Asian bisexual asylee and educator specializing in cultural equity and responsiveness across race, sexual orientation and gender identities. She offers and facilitates interactive workshops that empowers individuals and emerging leaders to engage in valuable learning experiences of being able to hold diversity, equity, sexualities, and gender identities, healing and surviving abuse and resilience in the same breath.

A warrior, survivor and the voice in the room, always reminding it to be affirming and inclusive, Apphia aims to empower a generation for change. She is the first bisexual asylee on record to receive affirmative asylum and is committed to disrupting the stigma that comes with bisexual identities.

In the work she does, Apphia intentionally plots to decolonize your mind in a way that is healthy, safe, affirming, kind and beautiful.


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