Power, Privilege & Empowerment

Step One to change is talking about power. This workshop takes a look at how we experience power and privilege, from within and in the world we live in. Based on an empowerment model, it aims to help participants to recognize their own power and potential for greatness – even if you don’t believe it’s all there.

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Immigration & Privilege

This interactive workshop brings awareness to participants about the complexity of immigrant rights, to discuss the nuance of what is supposed to happen, versus what actually happens and to reflect on how the access to, or the lack of access to certain rights may affect people in our communities.

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Re-Imagining Queer Masculinities

Masculinities within the LGBTQIA+ communities have the power to prevent violence within our communities. Come be a part of a conversation where we re-imagine what queer masculinities feel like, sound like and look like.
This workshop is aimed only at participants who hold queer identities.

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Apphia is...

Apphia is a workshop facilitator and youth educator with experience in community building, organizational development, public speaking, network building, training and facilitation, fundraising and event production.

A warrior, survivor and the voice in the room reminding it to be affirming and inclusive, Apphia aims to empower a generation for change.

Apphia currently runs the Queer South Asian Collective for LGBTQIA+ people of South Asian diaspora in Greater Boston. She is the first known bisexual asylee and in addition to her work with - QSAC, she is working on Bisexual Asylum Advocacy with NQAPIA to disrupt the stigma around bisexual immigration.

In the work she does, she aims to decolonize gender and sexuality and reclaim masculinities in a way that is healthy, safe, affirming, kind and beautiful.


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